fine art photography

Pricing & Terms

The images you see on this site are available as set out below (unless otherwise sold). For more information on how to purchase, please contact us at info@view-finder.ch

The photos are mostly available as Framed Prints in a selection of sizes, or as Limited Edition large size Canvas or Framed Prints. However, some images will only be reproduced in print form and some only on canvas, depending upon the atmosphere and style of the particular image. You are advised to check by email as to availability.

Also, please visit Art Photo, Alte Lauenenstrasse Gstaad.

All framed prints have been printed on high quality photographic art paper and have been framed with high quality non-reflective UV protection glass.

After purchase, copyright remains with the photographer, Ian Wilson. However, where a certain size of an image has been sold on a unique basis or all numbers in a limited numbered series in a certain size have been sold, that image will not be reproduced in that size again. All rights to reproduce that image again in a different size or in books or on websites etc are retained by the photographer.