Ian Wilson is an Author and Photo-Artist.

As an Author, Ian writes about life, asking questions and provoking thoughts – about emotions and feelings that touch us all.
He has a distinctive voice, a unique style of writing, which flows and is somewhat poetic.
His writing gives a deep and meaningful insight into love and life.

Painting pictures with words, Ian’s writing takes the reader on an emotional journey containing many reflections on life, so purposely provoking discussion in the reader’s mind, a quiet contemplation but without seeking to give an opinion – indeed it is as if the reader is joining the author on a journey of discovery as he finds these different thoughts arriving within himself.

Ian also creates unique artistic photographic images; and as a Photo-Artist, Ian paints pictures with light to present familiar scenes from a unique perspective. Through the use of light and dark; shadows and silhouettes, he is able to capture the intensity of the light and create striking images of Atmosphere and Emotion – and it is always this extra element of Feeling that Ian seeks to incorporate into his truly unique work. Ian has had a number of his own exhibitions and more of his images can be viewed on this website under the section, Fine Art Photos: Gallery.

Ian’s book of the magical region in the Swiss Alps around Saanen and Gstaad, entitled ‘Oh Saanenland!’ is also now available for purchase. The Region of the Saanenland is an area of outstanding natural beauty. With a wonderful quality of light and air; where international events mix with peaceful farmland pastures, this is a truly magical and inspirational place. For more information see the section, About the Books.

Ian, a father of four, was born and raised in the historical old English seaside town of Hastings; but he left for the bright lights of London and after studying law at King’s College London, he has been lucky enough to travel extensively and indulge his passion for creativity. He is now active in charity and environmental projects; and divides his time living between the countryside of Sussex and the mountains of Switzerland.